Green on Red

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Green on Red, formed in Tucson but moved to LA in the early 80s where they hooked up with Chuck Prophet.  The band was associated with kicking off both the Alt-Country and Paisley Underground movements but dont ever tell them that unless you want a fight.  

The band began in 1979 as The Serfers, a four-piece made up of Dan Stuart (vocals/guitar), Jack Waterson (bass), Van Christian (drums, later of Naked Prey) and Chris Cacavas.  After a move to LA the band changed their name to Green on Red  where Alex MacNicol joined them on drums. The band released two EPS and we would be happy as a pig in shit if somebody found those masters. They released their first LP Gravity Talks which brought them to the attention of decor folks whom promoted a gig with them in 1984 which is where Chuck Prophet turns up and stayed until the bitter end. Numerous line up changes happened with Stuart and Prophet remaining at the core.

Chris Holland, Ethan Johns and JD Foster all passed through the bands ranks in those later years. The band were signed to Phonogram and sold out big ass places across Europe. After the usual bad choices and drugs the band broke up in the early 90s. Dan released two solo albums and Chuck forged his own successful solo career. In  2006 after Alex MacNicol passed away the band decided to play one last show to a sold out Astoria theatre in London. The next year saw more gigs and festivals until Green on Red was again put on the back burner. Currently we are looking  at re-releasing some of the bands early material and hopefully some new shows for 2016.


  • Two Bibles (Green on Red, 1981)
  • Green on Red (Down There, 1982)
  • No Free Lunch (Mercury, 1985)


  •  Gravity Talks (Slash, 1983)
  • Gas Food Lodging (Enigma, 1985)
  • The Killer Inside Me (Mercury, 1987)
  • Here Come the Snakes (Mercury, 1988)
  • This Time Around (Mercury, 1989)
  • Scapegoats (China, 1991)
  • Too Much Fun (China, 1992)