William Harries Graham (management/European booking agent)

William Harries Graham is one of the young hopefuls and carriers of the torch on the new vibrant Austin, TX and embracing their sounds  while he mingles with the more experienced heroes of the 70s and 80s who are not ready to turn it in just yet. Even though only 18 years old on some level he is a veteran of the scene himself as the son of singer-songwriter, guitarist and “character” Jon Dee Graham. After all he first got his hands on a guitar at age two, had his first live appearance at age seven and was the subject of a special benefit project – for treatment of a rare disease he was suffering from – shortly thereafter. William has battled Legg Perthes since he was 7 years old, started the Painted Redstarts at age 13 and honed his guitar-driven, passionate sound in countless live gigs up and down the streets of Austin. Foreign Fields is his studio debut, a varied masterpiece  which  succeeds on every level.

The young Graham and his band, The Painted Redstarts, with their brash, edgy guitars, clearly defined riffs, hot rhythm tracks and reverb-laden vocals are reminiscent of Austin underground acts like Dumptruck, Spoon and Arc Angels with more than a dash of Lou Reed/Velvet Underground, The Replacements and My Bloody Valentine.

Next to band leader, singer and guitarist Graham, the Painted Redstarts are the rhythm section with a revolving cast of characters. Mark Addison recorded and produced Foreign Fields’ eleven tracks. Addison has worked with artists like Ian Moore and the Band Of Heathens. While being signed to Blue Rose for Europe for an amazing debut album called ‘Foreign Fields’ which sounded more British than American at times, William is currently looking at options in the rest of the world. Listen on…..