Richard Buckner (catalogue)

Richard’s 9th album finally will see the light of day this August. It is his first since 2006′s ‘Meadow’ and his first album to be released by a UK record label, Décor (home of Richmond Fontaine, American Music Club, Chuck Prophet). In the last 5 years Richard has gone through a lot of turmoil and his fans have been clamoring for new material, wondering what was keeping their hero from releasing the new songs he would perform on the road. Well, it’s a long story!

First, there was the score to a film that never happened. Then there was a brief brush with the law over a headless corpse in a burned-out car (true story!) that had all eyes in Buckner’s small hometown in upstate New York turned toward him and his long-suffering truck. Shortly after a move to a safer, less popular area, the death of his tape machine led to yet another reboot. After Richard called in pedal … [read more]steel and percussion players and put new mixes on his laptop, his new “safer” place was burglarized. Goodbye, laptop.

Buckner says: “Eventually, the recording machine was resuscitated and some of the material was recovered. Cracks were patched. Parts were redundantly re-invented. Insinuations were re-insinuated until the last percussive breaths of those final OCD utterances were expelled like the final heaves of bile, wept-out long after the climactic drama had faded to a somber, blurry moment of truth and voilà!, the record was done, or, let us be clear, abandoned like the charred shell of a car with a nice stereo.”

“There are few writers/musicians out there I respect as much as Richard Buckner, and his new album, ‘Our Blood’, is his best yet” Willy Vlautin of Richmond Fontaine

“The Richard Buckner vibe– and that is a big influence for me. His words are just about a sound and barely about meaning, but I could find all these crazy meanings in there….there are lyrics that are totally heartbreaking and beautiful and heavy” Justin Vernon of Bon Iver on Buckner

Richard is currently with Merge Records (Arcade Fire) in the US. He co-produced the album with JD Foster (Calexico, Richmond Fontaine) and included guest spots by Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) and Buddy Cage (New Riders on the Purple Sage), otherwise Richard plays everything. The European edition includes three bonus tracks not on the US edition.