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AMC BIOG 2008 –  un edited

In 2008, AMC released their 9th long player studio album, ‘The Golden Age’. UNCUT  Magazine has already called it their best since 1993’s  masterpiece, “Mercury”. This follows 2004 release of the much lauded “Love Songs For Patriots”  which had the Guardian calling lead singer and songwriter Mark Eitzel “America’s greatest living lyricist”.

American Music Club was formed in San Francisco back in 1982, by Eitzel after he moved out from Ohio back to his native California. The band initially had a steady revolving door of musicians none of which were to make it to the next year. Eitzel had spent most of his teen years growing up in Southampton, England where he witness the UK punk movement first hand, providing him with the musical background he would build upon in these early years. 1983 brought with it band stalwarts Vudi on guitar and Danny Pearson  on bass who shared with Eitzel a love for rock, country, blues, folk, pop and punk, synthesizing it into an incredibly unique and engaging musical melting pot. Eitzel’s enigmatic presence, heartfelt vocals and brilliant song writing were predominantly featured alongside Vudi’s highly original guitar playing.  Songs often became an unpredictable wedding between their free-form jazz tendencies and Eitzel’s downbeat poetics.

The band debut release, ‘Restless Stranger’, gathered little attention on it’s initial release in 1985, it was AMCs  American answer to Joy Division, stepped in post punk and featuring the first of Eitzels many classic songs, “Outside this Bar”, a theme Eitzel carries to this day. 1987 saw the bands first UK release “Engine” shortly followed by what many critics call the first of their three masterpieces, “California”. The next year built on their new found British following with the UK only release aptly titled “United Kingdom” a collection of live tracks and superb studio tracks, not merely a stop gap record but a release that still stands on its own to this day. Like many US bands (Green on Red, Gun Club etc) at this time, AMC found more attention on European shores than back in the States. “Everclear”  came in 1991 with the work of pedal steel maestro Bruce Kaphlan, it landed Eitzel “Best Songwriter of the Year” in Rolling Stone Critics Poll, not to mention a “Hot Band” pick from the same publication. With all this attention and sell out performances now on both sides of the Atlantic the major labels came in for release number six in 1993 “Mercury” which is considered by many to be a masterpiece of modern popular music and their most focused record. The band’s live shows were incendiary and unpredictable sets verying between quite acoustic moments to soaring guitar, pedal steel heights which dynamics would match that of the Bad Seeds or the Bunnymen on their best nights. They played with Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam, Bad Seeds, incessantly touring through the early 90s. The band settled down in the spring of 1994 to produce a set of songs that emphasized the line-up’s steadiness and a wealth of new perspective. They called it ‘San Francisco’, their seventh album, which laid claim to their critical birthright in an album full of introspective songs that twisted and turned like the ambivalent emotions that created them. Again critically hailed it failed to produce the radio hit that they needed to move on to the next level Soon after, American Music Club split up, albeit amicably, in 1995.

Eitzel went on to create of reservoir of much loved solo efforts, including 60 Watt Silver Lining for Virgin, then moving over to Matador Records for Caught in A Trap which included members of Sonic Youth and Yo La Tengo. The electronic based Invisible Man followed by and Mark began the new century with two albums worth of covers. Danny went on to play with Clodhopper, and release his solo recordings.   Vudi fronts LA band Clovis de Foret as well as playing with 80s revisionists Ariel Pink while Tim Mooney started his own Closer studios.

Interest in the band grew with the likes of Divine Comedy recording  AMC’s “Johnny Mathis Feet” with a thirty piece orchestra. Calexico, Lambchop, M Ward, Willard Grant, Steve Wynn and Chris & Carla  soon followed recording AMC covers for an AMC tribute album “Come on Beautiful”.  With heavyweights Coldplay,  Radiohead, REM and Pearl Jam publicly proclaimed their love for AMC, offers for them to reform came in from Europe.

In the summer of 2003, AMC  got back together for a sold out performance at London’s Southbank Centre and began recording together again. Eitzel had been working on a batch of songs and the band decided that these would be the seeds for what would become a new record “Love Songs for Patriots”. UNCUT gave it Album of the Month 5 star review and said it was “Absolutely Fu*king Brilliant…this band belongs together ” the rest of the European press was as equally. The band followed this up with a European and US tour and straight onto composing and performing a live soundtrack to the silent film classic “Street Angel” in San Francisco…sadly the European tour for the film was cancelled due to major problems obtaining a workable film print for touring.

Four years later and the band came back with “The Golden Age” written and recorded over much of 2007, it sees the band exploring their quieter side. It also sees a new rhythm section for this release with Steve Didelot on drums and Sean Hoffmann on bass & guitars. While not disbanding the old line up Eitzel felt that he wanted to involve Vudi more with the recordings than he was able to on “Love Songs for Patriots” and the only way was to move to Los Angeles where Vudi lived and worked. Vudi had been working with a local rhythm section from a band called the Larks for the AMC rehersals as it was not convenient for Danny or Tim to go to LA constantly. After months of rehearsal Eitzel felt the line up was far better suited to  the new material so they have stayed. The band embarked on their longest ever tour early in 2008 which ended with a show at the Bennicasim Festival.  Shortly after this the group disbanded and reformed with a new line-up including Mark, Vudi and Steve as well as members of Bee and Flower: Dana Schechter on bass, on Jonathan Heine on second guitar. While many of the early 2008 shows didn’t work for the fans, this new line-up breathed life into the band and gave fans some of their best shows since 2004.

Sadly on June 15th of this year, 2012, Tim Mooney died of an heart attack. Tim was the best drummer the band ever had and was instrumental in the bands sound on all the records he played on or produced. Tim had a very unique and dynamic style of drumming that made for the best AMC shows and possibly best ever live shows by any band this author has seen.

At this point in time:
Vudi works and lives in Los Angeles
Mark continues with his solo career
Danny plays from time to time in the Bay Area (and lives in the mountains North of it)
Bruce Kaplan – releases records of his own and produces others from the bay area
Tom Mallon – works in the bay area and plays with the Toiling Midgets. He owns the first four AMC albums and we hope he will re-release them soon!
Album Discography

  • The Restless Stranger  Grifter – January 1985 out of print
  • Engine  Demon/Grifter – October 1987  out of print
  • California  Demon/Grifter – October 1988 out of print
  • United Kingdom  Demon – October 1989 out of print
  • Everclear  Alias – October 1991
  • Mercury  Warners/Virgin – March 1993
  • San Francisco  Warners/Virgin – September 1994
  • Love Songs for Patriots   Merge/Cooking Vinyl – September 2004
  • 1984-1995  Collection (mail order/tour only) deleted
  • A Toast To You (Live in Pittsburgh 2004 (mail order/tour only)
  • The Golden Age  Merge/Cooking Vinyl – February 2008
  • Atwater Afternoon – rehearsals etc – 2008 (mail order/tour only) deleted
  • The Mercury Band Demos 1992 -  2008 (mail order/tour only)
  • The Everclear Rehearsals Late 1990 – 2008  (mail order/tour only)

Band Incomplete Gigography

 1982-83 Tattoo Rose Cafe,San Francisco,CA  (AMC Mk1 Mark,Scott Alexander,Brad Johnson & Greg Bonnell)
Other shows from around this time happened at On Broadway,The Tool and Die (an illegal club on Valencia st.)
and various other clubs/art spaces
02/11/82 On Broadway,San Francisco,CA    (Possibly the first AMC show)
30/11/82 On Broadway,San Francisco,CA
11/01/83 On Broadway,San Francisco,CA (supported by The Dave, Johnny V & Teresa Tudury)  Poster for show here
00/00/83 NOCARZ,San Francisco,CA (with Buck and Bubbles)
00/00/83 KALX,Berkley,CA*
00/00/83 Club Komotion,San Francisco,CA
00/05/83 On Broadway,San Francisco,CA (with Mona Fisher)
00/06/83 Mabuhay Gardens,San Francisco,CA
04/06/8300Club Foot,San Francisco,CA (This was part of a two day festival at the venue which included a main stage, an acoustic & a dance stage.
05/07/8300Mabuhay Gardens,San Francisco,CA
00/08/8300Strand Theatre,San Francisco,CA
00/08/8300Ruthie’s Inn,San Francisco,CA  (Last AMC mk 2 show)
27/10/8300Mabuhay Gardens,San Francisco,CA  (First AMC show with Vudi, Danny and Matt Norrelli)
02/12/8300Chi Chi Club,San Francisco,CA (supporting The Farmers)  Flyer for show in WTWA
11/12/8300Disused movie theatre,San Francisco,CA (Benefit for Lobster Tendencies fanzine)
For this show Mark’s band was called The Sons and Daughters of Inspiration with Brad,Greg & Nancy Kangas.

16/01/8400Plush Room,San Francisco,CA (with Carmel)
20/01/8400Chi Chi Club,San Francisco,CA
25/01/84 Mabuhay Gardens,San Francisco,CA* (with Guitardoz,Works & Schrops)
27/01/84 Mabuhay Gardens,San Francisco,CA
28/01/84 Chi Chi Club,San Francisco,CA
06/02/84 Berkeley Square,San Francisco,CA (supporting The Replacements)
08/03/84 Graffitti’s,San Francisco,CA
24/05/84 Graffitti’s,San Francisco,CA (broadcast on KUSF)*
15/06/84 On Broadway,San Francisco,CA*
01/07/84 Sleeping Lady Cafe,Fairfax,CA (supporting John Cale)
03/08/84 Grafitti’s,San Francisco,CA
08/09/84 Gift Centre,San Francisco,CA
00/00/84 Club Nine,San Francisco,CA
00/00/84 Kilowatt,San Francisco,CA
08/10/84 I-Beam,San Francisco,CA (supporting Tones On Tail)
  19/10/84 Nightbreak,San Francisco,CA
10/11/84 Hotel Utah,San Francisco,CA
16/11/84 Hotel Utah,San Francisco,CA
06/12/84 The Stone,San Francisco,CA

14/01/85 I-Beam,San Francisco,CA* (supporting Sonic Youth)
25/01/85 Nightbreak,San Francisco,CA (supported by The Fountains Of Use)
08/02/85 Graffitti’s,San Francisco,CA
15/02/85 The Farm,San Francisco,CA (supported by Critical Chip & The Great Divide)  
 Graffitti’s,San Francisco,CA
00/00/85 The Stone,San Francisco,CA (with Flying Colour)
05/04/85 Nightbreak,San Francisco,CA (with Dot 3)
20/04/85 Berkeley Square,Berkley,CA (supporting The Replacements)
11/05/85 Hotel Utah,San Francisco,CA (With The Wankers)
07/06/85 The VIS,San Francisco,CA (with Housecoat Project)
28/06/85 Oasis,San Francisco,CA (supporting The Go-Betweens)
09/10/85 Markthalle,Hamburg (supporting Sonic Youth)
00/11/85 Logo,Hamburg
10/12/85 Spartan Pub,San Jose,CA
11/12/85 Berkeley Square,Berkeley,CA (supporting The Replacements)
19/12/85 The VIS,San Francisco,CA (with Camper van Beethoven & Palmetto State)
20/12/85 On Broadway,San Francisco,CA (with The Sleepers/The Ricky Williams Ordeal)

00/00/86 Kennel Club,San Francisco,CA (supporting Game Theory)
00/00/86 The VIS,San Francisco,CA
21/06/86 Mabuhay Gardens,San Francisco,CA (with Sideways,Rogue,Shiva Dancing & Defenestration)
29/06/86 The Farm,San Francisco,CA (with Tragic Mulatto,Flying Color,Blue Movie,Naked Into & The Muskrats)
00/07/86 The VIS,San Francisco,CA (with Barbara Manning & others)
 Nightbreak,San Francisco,CA
00/11/86 Mark solo,King Ave Coffeehouse,Columbus,OH
25/11/86 Mark solo,Bernie’s Bagels,Columbus,OH* (with Ron House & Greg Six)
06/12/86 Club Nine,San Francisco,CA
00/12/86 Xmas party gig in Tom Mallons studio,San Francisco,CA

00/01/87 Club Nine,San Francisco,CA  (First show with Tom Mallon on drums)
For this show they played Chris Isaak’s ‘You Owe Me Some Kind of Love’ as an encore!
02/02/87 I-Beam,San Francisco,CA* (supporting John Cale & Chris Spedding)
00/04/87  Club Nine,San Francisco,CA (with Flying Colour)
18/04/87  Media Gallery,San Francisco,CA
02/05/87  Mark solo,Paradise Lounge,San Francisco,CA*
00/05/87  Nightbreak,San Francisco,CA Apparently the band all wore matching red shirts at this show.Nice!
22/05/87 Mabuhay Gardens,San Francisco,CA (supporting Scruffy The Cat)
30/05/87 House party,Bardo Mansion,San Francisco,CA* (with J.C. Hopkins & Bardo)
30/05/87 Media Gallery,San Francisco,CA (with Standing Naked,Todd Stadman & Autonomy and Verse)
09/06/87 Oasis,San Francisco,CA
30/07/87 Hotel Utah,San Francisco,CA
08/08/87 Music Machine,Los Angeles,CA (supporting Thin White Rope)
09/08/87 Texas Records,Los Angeles,CA
13/08/87 Kennel Club,San Francisco,CA
27/08/87 I-Beam,San Francisco,CA (with Flying Colour as part of record launch party)
06/09/87 Lipps Underground,San Francisco,CA* (supported by J.C. Hopkins,Eddie Ray Porter & Scarecrow)
14/09/87 I-Beam,San Francisco,CA
27/09/87 Parking lot on Dore St,San Francisco,CA (with The Beatnigs & others)
01/10/87 Palomino,Los Angeles,CA  (supporting Divine Horsemen)#
04/10/87 Mother Earth Records,Topeka,KS (The stage was on the back of a parking lot with about 12 people!)
07/10/87 Garage D’or,Minneapolis,MN*
07/10/87 Uptown Bar,Minneapolis,MN
08/10/87 Pravda Records,Chicago,Il
09/10/87 Schoolkids Records,Ann Arbour,MI
10/10/87 Everybody’s,Cincinnati,OH (Cancelled?)
11/10/87 Schoolkids Records,Columbus,OH*
12/10/87 Stache’s,Columbus,OH* (supporting Throwing Muses)
  14/10/87 Chaos Records,Philadelphia,PA
15/10/87 CBGB Record Canteen,NYC  (About 3 people in audience having their dinner!)
16/10/87 Newbury Comics,Boston,MA
17/10/87 Wesleyan University,Middletown,CT
The band also played on WESU Radio while at Wesleyan.
19/10/87 Roxy,Washington,DC
20/10/87 Pyramid Club,Richmond,VA
21/10/87 Manifest Records,Columbia,SC (was cancelled due to no one turning up)
  21/10/87 Greenstreets,Columbia,SC (supporting The Beat Farmers)
22/10/87 Ruthless Records,Athens,GA
  22/10/87 Rockfish Palace,Athens,GA (with The Silent Peas)
23/10/87 Metroplex,Atlanta,GA (supporting The Catheads)
24/10/87Vinyl Solutions Records,Tuscaloosa,AL
00/10/87 Unknown record store,Nashville,TN
00/10/87 Music Machine,Los Angeles,CA  (supporting Thin White Rope)
00/10/87 Texas Records,Los Angeles,CA
21/11/87 Club Lingerie,Los Angeles,CA (with Fetchin’ Bones & House Of Freaks)
22/11/87  Moby Disc instore,Los Angeles,CA
27/11/87  Sacred Grounds Cafe,San Francisco,CA  (Acoustic set)
11/12/87  SF Music Works,San Francisco,CA  Poster for show soon
31/12/87  Mabuhay Gardens,San Francisco,CA

Here is a list of some shows that happened either in 1987 or early 1988,any more info would be great.
Thanks to Todd Stadtman for these.He was a member of The Naked Into and also played bass for AMC briefly in 1988.

The Oasis,San Francisco,CA (with The Naked Into & The Sneetches)
The Oasis,SAn Francisco,CA (“No Contest” event with Naked Into & Pray for Rain)
Kennel Club,San Francisco,CA (with The Naked Into)
The Eagle,San Francisco,CA (Act Up Benefit with Mark solo,The Naked Into & Pray for Rain)
Mabuhay Gardens,San Francisco,CA (with The Naked Into)
Club Nine,San Francisco,CA  (Mark supporting The Naked Into)
Hotel Utah,San Francisco,CA (supported by The Naked Into)
The Eagle,San Francisco,CA (with The Naked Into & Pray for Rain
Upstairs Lounge at The Fillmore,San Francisco,CA (Jesus & Mary Chain were in the main room).

02/01/88 Kennel Club,San Francisco,CA (supporting Game Theory,LMNOP opened)
15/01/88 Paradise Lounge,San Francisco,CA 
  30/01/88 The Palomino,Los Angeles,CA (supporting NRBQ)

  05/02/88 Hannah Marcus’ house,San Francisco,CA
12/02/88 Firehouse 7,San Francisco,CA (supported by The Housecoat Project)
13/02/88 Chatterbox,San Francisco,CA (supported by This Heat)
14/02/88 Musicworks,San Francisco,CA (with Pray For Rain,The Naked Into & Love Club)
18/02/88 DNA Lounge,San Francisco,CA
25/02/88 Kennel Club,San Francisco,CA
27/02/8???,San Francisco,CA (Beef Benefit?)
12/03/8800Austin Opera House,Austin,TX (Part of SXSW supporting Gene Loves Jezebel)
14/03/8800Trito’s Uptown,Champaign,IL* (supported by Lonely Trailer)  Poster & preview for show here
16/03/8800Schoolkids Records instore,Columbus,OH
16/03/8800Stache’s,Columbus,OH* (supported by The Dave)
  17/03/8800Pravda Records,Chicago,IL
18/03/8800O’Cayz Corral,Madison,WI
19/03/8800Garage D’or,Minneapolis,MN*
20/03/8800Uptown Bar,Minneapolis,MN (supported by 12 Angry Men)  (Not postive this show happened)
21/03/8800Cicero’s,St Louis,MO
  22/03/8800Cubby Bear,Chicago,IL (supporting Betsy and the Boneshakers)  Flyer for show soon
23/03/8800Duffy’s Tavern,Lincoln,NE (supported by The 13 Nightmares)
25/03/8800SF Music Works,San Francisco,CA
11/04/8800Mark solo,???,San Francisco,CA*
14/04/8800Club Lingerie,Hollywood,CA (supported by The Clay Idols & Devil Squares)
16/04/8800Hotel Utah,San Francisco,CA (supported by Boneyard)  Poster for show soon
23/04/8800SF Music Works,San Francisco,CA
27/04/8800KALX,San Francisco,CA
19/05/8800Covered Wagon,San Francisco,CA
22/06/8800Kennel Club,San Francisc,CA (supporting The Catheads)
23/06/8800Marti’s,San Francisco,CA
30/06/88ooNightbreak,San Francisco,CA
07/07/8800Mark solo,Albion,San Francisco,CA*
07/07/8800C&W Saloon,San Francisco,CA ??
15/07/8800Mark solo,Albion,San Francisco,CA*
00/09/8800Hotel Utah,San Francisco,CA* (The band performed 2 sets,only the first was filmed)
00/10/8800Kennel Club,San Francisco,CA  (supporting The Catheads)
01/10/8800Covered Wagon,San Francisco,CA*
15/10/8800Hotel Utah,San Francisco,CA  Poster for show here   (This maybe the 09/88 show above)
04/11/8800The Peacock,Corvallis,OR (supported by The Walkabouts & Uncle Charlie)  Info on show here
06/11/8800Central Tavern,Seattle,WA (supported by Jimm McIver of Life and Ken & John of The Posies)
10/11/8800The Word,Salt Lake City,UT  Poster for show here
11/11/8800The Word,Salt Lake City,UT (supported by Audrey Smiley)  Poster for show here
13/11/8800Northern Lights Records instore,Minneapolis,MN*
14/11/8800Uptown Bar,Minneapolis,MN* (supporting Babes In Toyland)
16/11/8800Cubby Bear,Chicago,IL
17/11/8800Mabel’s,Champaign,IL (supporting Jonathan Richman)
18/11/8800Bottleneck,Lawrence,KS (supporting Jonathan Richman)
19/11/8800What’s This,Columbia,MO
21/11/8800Trito’s Uptown,Champaign,IL
00/11/8800Joe Franklin Show,WOR-TV,New Jersey*
25/11/8800CBGBs,NYC* (they played 2 sets) (supporting The Mekons)
00/11/8800Paradise Rock Club,Boston,MA  Poster of show soon
28/11/8800Rockafellas,Columbia,SC (supporting The Beat Farmers)
00/11/8800Club Lingerie,Hollywood,CA
11/12/8800Hotel Utah Saloon,San Francisco,CA
18/12/8800Aquarius Records,San Francisco,CA
19/12/8800I-Beam,San Francisco,CA (supporting The Dream Syndicate)
  31/12/8800I-Beam,San Francisco,CA* (supporting John Cale)

00/02/89 CBGBs,NYC
08/02/89 I-Beam,San Francisco,CA (supported by The Ophelias)
16/02/89Hotel Utah,San Francisco,CA  (Acoustic set)
17/02/89Paradise Lounge,San Francisco,CA  (Acoustic Set)
25/02/89The Albion,San Francisco,CA (Acoustic set)
01/03/89Fillmore,San Francisco,CA* (supporting Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)
05/03/89 Covered Wagon,San Francisco,CA
08/03/89 Studio Cafe,Santa Rosa,CA
  11/03/89 UC Davis Coffee House,Davis,CA* (with Thin White Rope)
00/03/89 Mark & Danny came to UK before the rest of band and did several interviews & radio sessions including
Greater London Radio & Capital Radio.
29/03/89 Breedon Bar,Birmingham,UK
30/03/89 International,Manchester
31/03/89 Mean Fiddler,London (supported by Summerhill
01/04/89 Sheffield Leadmill* (supported by Johnny 7)  Poster for show soon
03/04/89 Rose Club,Cologne (with Beasts of Bourbon & Cosmic Psychos)  Review of show here
04/04/89 Ecstacy,Berlin
  05/04/89 Musikcafeen,Aarhus*
06/04/89 Mitternacht,Hamburg
07/04/89 Studio,Haarlem*
08/04/89 Effenaar,Eindhoven (supported by The Watchman)
09/04/89 Vera,Groningen
22/04/89 El Rio,San Francisco,CA* (supported by Midnight Radio)  First show with Mike Simms on drums.
00/04/89 Olympic Tavern,Fresno,CA*  (doubts about this show)
24/04/89 The Word,Salt Lake City,UT (supported by Da Neighbours & Dave Russell)
25/04/89 The Bar & Grill,Salt Lake City,UT* (supported by Dinosaur Bones)
27/04/89 ???,Denver,CO
28/04/89 Mr Toone’s Party Room,South Sioux City,NE
  29/04/89 Hardings,Kansas City,MO
30/04/89 Uptown Bar,Minneapolis,MN* (with Babes In Toyland)
02/05/89 Trito’s Uptown,Champaign,IL (supported by Bob Kimbell & Nick Rudd and Wonkavision)
  03/05/89 Cubby Bear,Chicago,IL (supported by The Sensual Christs)
04/05/89 Northwestern University,Evanston,IL (this might have been in Bloomington or Indianapolis)
05/05/89 The Top Hat,Newport,KY (supported by The Ass Ponys)
06/05/89 Stache’s,Columbus,OH (supporting Moe Tucker & Half Japanese)
07/05/89 Sonic Temple,Pittsburgh,PA
09/05/89 Knitting Factory,NYC*
10/05/89 QE2,Albany,NY
11/05/89 Rat Club,Boston,MA* (supported by El Carninos & Honey Bunch)
12/05/89 Maxwells,Hoboken,NJ* (supporting Poi Dog Pondering)
13/05/89 Kazz Club,Washington,DC
15/05/89 Greenstreets,Columbia,SC (supported by The Deal Box)
18/05/89 Whisky,Los Angeles,CA* (supporting Bob Mould)
20/05/89 Fillmore,San Francisco,CA* (supporting Bob Mould & Peter Case)
10/06/89 Hotel Utah,San Francisco,CA*
15/06/89 Blue Lamp,San Francisco,CA
27/07/89 Hotel Utah,San Francisco,CA*
28/07/89 Hotel Utah,San Francisco,CA*
29/07/89 Hotel Utah,San Francisco,CA*
19/08/89 El Rio,San Francisco,CA
02/09/89 Burro Room,Chico,CA* (supported by These Days)
22/09/89 Olive Oyls Pier,San Francisco,CA
01/10/89 Futurama Festival,Deinze,Belgium*
03/10/89 Rose Club,Cologne
05/10/89 Hamburg Kir*
06/10/89 Patronaat,Haarlem (with Lady Godiva’s Operation)
  07/10/89 Kuba,Hanau (No support act)
08/10/89 Green Velvet Social Club,Basel (with Skybird & The Fish Of Hope)
11/10/89 ???,Stavinger,Norway
12/10/89 ???,Kristiansand,Norway
13/10/89 ???,Bergen
14/10/89 ???,Oslo,Norway
15/10/89 Electric Honky Tonk Bar,Stockholm (supporting Lee Clayton & The True Loves)
17/10/89 Barbue,Copenhagen* (No support act)
There w 2 sets,an acousic set with just Mark & Vudi standing on chairs in the corner & a full band set.
20/10/89 Mean Fiddler,London*
23/10/89 New Moon,Paris*
24/10/89 ???,Avignon,France
26/10/89 Velveti,Rimini,Italy
28/10/89 Rodon Club,Athens
31/10/89 Ecstacy,Berlin (with No Mans Land as part of Independents Day Festival)
28/11/89 I-Beam,San Francisco,CA*  (Fairly certain this didn’t happen)
06/12/89 Bogarts,Long Beach,CA (supporting Thin White Rope,Medicine Rattle were also on bill)
07/12/89 Club Lingerie,Los Angeles,CA (supported by Thin White Rope & Wood and smoke)
11/12/89 Great American Music Hall,San Francisco,CA* (supported by Penelope Houston)
This was Tom Mallon’s last show with the band.

16/02/90 I-Beam,San Francisco,CA* (Frontier records showcase)
15/03/90 Great American Music Hall,San Francisco,CA*
27/04/90 I-Beam,San Francisco,CA*
08/06/90 Victoria Theatre,San Francisco,CA# (with Wannabe Texans & Barbara Manning)
02/07/90 Great American Music Hall,San Francisco,CA
28/07/90 Great American Music Hall,San Francisco,CA (with Wannabe Texans
07/09/90 Great American Music Hall,San Francisco,CA* (supported by The J.C. Hopkins Duo)
21/11/90 Great American Music Hall,San Francisco,CA*
04/01/91 Great American Music Hall,San Francisco,CA* (supported by James Manniello)
16/02/91 Great American Music Hall,San Francisco,CA* (supported by The Movie Stars)
20/03/91 Slims,San Francisco,CA* (supported by The Sextants)
01/05/91 Great American Music Hall,San Francisco,CA* (supported by Red House Painters)
11/05/91 Mark & Danny,Mean Fiddler,London* (supported by Sean O Hagen)
29/06/91 Warfield Theatre,San Francisco,CA (supporting The Feelies & Firehose) 1st show with Tim Mooney on drums
02/07/91 Great American Music Hall,San Francisco,CA* (supported by Red House Painters)
13/07/91 Knitting Factory,NYC*
16/07/91 Maxwells,Hoboken,NJ*
17/07/91 Club Babyhead,Providence,RI*
18/07/91 TT The Bears,Cambridge,MA (with Straightjacket Fits & The Poster Children)
00/07/91 Staches,Columbus,OH (supported by Connie Champagne)
15/08/91 Great American Music Hall,San Francisco,CA* (Everclear release party)
21/08/91 Irish Centre,Northampton,UK* (supported by Second Skin)
22/08/91 Mean Fiddler,London*
23/08/91 Reading Festival,UK*
03/10/91 Slims,San Francisco,CA*
05/10/91 Whisky,Los Angeles,CA
00/10/91 Satyricon,Portland,OR
11/10/91 Crocodile Cafe,Seattle,WA
15/10/91 Uptown Bar,Minneapolis,MN*
16/10/9 0Let It Be Records,Minneapolis,MN*
17/10/91 Blind Pig,Champaign,IL
00/10/91 Pravda Records instore,Chicago,IL
00/10/91 ???,Chicago,IL
19/10/91 Alvins,Detroit,MI
22/10/91 Nightstage,Cambridge,MA* (supported by Bill Janovitz)
23/10/91 Knitting Factory,NYC
25/10/91 Maxwells,Hoboken,NJ* The band played Highway To Hell as an encore
26/10/91 930 Club,Washington,DC
27/10/91 South Main Cafe,Blacksburg,VA* (supported by Not Shakespeare & Joe the Fireman)
29/10/91 Cats Cradle,Chapel Hill,NC* (supported by The Vestrymen)
  30/10/91 Rockafellas,Columbia,SC*
01/11/91 Cotton Club,Atlanta,GA (supported by Hanging Francis)
00/11/91 Einstein A Go Go,Jacksonville,FL
00/11/91 The Hardback Cafe,Gainsville,FL
08/11/91 ???,Dallas,TX
09/11/9100Cannibal Club,Austin,TX* (supported by Balloonatic)
10/12/91 Wiltern Theatre,Los Angeles,CA (supporting Billy Bragg)
12/12/91 Warfield Theatre,San Francisco,CA* (supporting Billy Bragg, The Disposible Heroes of Hipocracy opened)
19/01/92 Mark solo,Greater London Radio,London*
21/01/92 Reading University,UK* (supported by Home & Abroad)
22/01/92 Psychic Pig,Bath  Review of show here
24/01/92 Princess Charlotte,Leicester*
25/01/92 Sheffield Leadmill*
26/01/92 The Venue,Edinburgh* (supported by Pure Blind Panic)
28/01/92 Barrel Organ,Birmingham
29/01/92 Duchess of York,Leeds* (supported by The Yah Hoo Family)
31/01/92 ULU,London* (supported by The Rockingbirds & Asphalt Ribbons/Tindersticks)
02/02/92 Luxor,Cologne*
03/02/92 VK Club,Brussels*
06/02/92 Copenhagen Barbue* (No support act)
08/02/92 Melkweg,Amsterdam*
09/02/92 Vera,Groningen
10/02/92 Markethalle,Hamburg*
11/02/92 Loft,Berlin
12/02/92 Batschkapp,Frankfurt*
14/02/92 Dolce Vita,Lausanne
15/02/92 Rote Fabrik,Zurich
16/02/92 Kulterwerkstatt,Basel
19/02/92 Flog,Florence
20/02/92 Teatro Prealpi,Saronno,Italy*
22/02/92 Ubu,Rennes
24/02/92 New Morning,Paris (Not sure if this happened)
  25/02/92 Clapham Grand,London* (supported by The Band of Holy Joy)
13/04/92 Bottom of the Hill,San Francisco,CA*  (Supported by Hannah Marcus & Mark Kozelek)
04/05/92 Warfield Theatre,San Francisco,CA* (supporting Bob Dylan)
05/05/92 Warfield Theatre,San Francisco,CA (supporting Bob Dylan)
08/05/92 Berkeley Community Centre,CA* (supporting Bob Dylan)
17/08/92 Great American Music Hall,San Francisco,CA*
26/10/92 Palomino,Los Angeles,CA
28/10/92 Marquee,NYC* (CMJ event with The Mekons,Band of Susans & Black 47)
24/03/93 Duchess of York,Leeds* (supported by Suzie Hug)
25/03/93 HMV Records instore,Manchester  (The band played Johnny Mathis’ feet.)
25/03/93 Hop & Grape,Manchester* (supported by Suzie Hug)
27/03/93 King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut,Glasgow* (supported by Suzie Hug)
28/03/93 Tower Records instore,Glasgow
28/03/93 The Venue,Edinburgh* (supported by Suzie Hug)
29/03/93 HMV instore,Newcastle
29/03/93 Newcastle Riverside* (supported by Susie Hug)
31/03/93 HMV Records instore,Bristol
31/03/93 Fleece & Firkin,Bristol* (supported by Susie Hug)
01/04/03 HMV Records instore,Birmingham
01/04/93 Edwards No.8,Birmingham* (supported by Susie Hug)
03/04/93 Sheffield Leadmill* (supported by Susie Hug)
04/04/93 Astoria,London* (supported by The Cranberries & Susie Hug)
05/04/93 No Stilletoes,BBC Scotland*
06/04/03 Logo,Hamburg
07/04/93 Luxor,Cologne*
08/04/93 New Morning,Paris (No support)
10/04/93 Pard,The Hague (apparently this did not happen)
11/04/93 VK Club,Brussels* (supported by Charlie Crystle & Parrish Blue)
  12/04/93 Melweg,Amsterdam*
  29/04/93 East Cultural Centre,Vancouver,BC
30/04/93 Backstage,Seattle,WA (supported by Knome & Silkworm)
  01/05/93 Key Largo,Portland,OR
03/05/93 Slims,San Francisco,CA
06/05/93 Morning Becomes Eclectic,KCRW,Los Angeles,CA*
06/05/93 Troubadour,Los Angeles,CA*
07/05/93 Bogart’s,Long Beach,CA (supported by Grant Lee Buffalo)
11/05/93 Waterloo Records Instore,Austin,TX
11/05/9300Continental Club,Austin,TX* (supported by Jerry Giddens)
12/05/93 Trees,Dallas,TX
14/05/93 Mark with Bruce,Criminal Records instore,Atlanta,GA*
14/05/93 The Point,Atlanta,GA (supported by Anne Richmond Boston)
16/05/93 Mountain Stage,Charlston,WV*
Other artists performing were Ann Magnuson,Gutterball,John & Mary and Crazy Jane.
17/05/93 Cat’s Cradle,Chapel Hill,NC (supported by Mac McCaughan & Jim Wilbur of Superchunk)
  19/05/93 Birchmere,Alexandria,VA*
21/05/93 Maxwell’s,Hoboken,NJ (supported by Ed’s Redeeming Qualities)
22/05/93 Newbury Comics instore,Cambridge,MA
22/05/93 Paradise Rock Club,Boston,MA
23/05/93 Iron Horse,Northampton,MA
25/05/93 Irving Plaza,NYC* (supported by Liz Phair & Wake Ooloo)
  26/05/93 Max’s on Broadway,Baltimore*
27/05/93 23 East Cabaret,Ardmore,PA
29/05/93 Zaphod Beeblebrox,Ottawa,ON
30/05/93 Rivoli,Toronto,ON (supported by Universal Honey)
01/06/93 WDET,Detroit,MI*
01/06/93 Alvin’s,Detroit,MI

02/06/93 Staches,Columbus,OH (supported by Scrawl)
04/06/93 Lounge Ax,Chicago,IL (supported by Shades of Al Davis)
05/06/93 Shank Hall,Milwaukee
06/06/93 Garage D’or Records,Minneapolis,MN*
07/06/93 Uptown Bar,Minneapolis,MN*
15/06/93 Slims,San Francisco,CA*
25/06/93 Glastonbury Festival,UK*
02/07/93 Roskilde Festival,Denmark*
27/10/93 The Catalyst,Santa Cruz,CA (supporting Pearl Jam)
30/10/93 Slims,San Francisco,CA*
31/10/93 Greek Theatre,Berkley,CA (supporting Pearl Jam)*
  02/11/93 Civic Theatre,San Diego,CA (supporting Pearl Jam)
  03/11/93 Civic Theatre,San Diego (supporting Pearl Jam)
04/11/93 Troubadour,Los Angeles,CA*
05/11/93 Empire Polo Fields,Indio,CA (supporting Pearl Jam)
31/12/93 Hotel Utah,San Francisco,CA*

23/02/94 Mark & Bruce,Great American Music Hall,San Francisco,CA* (supporting Alejandro Escovedo)
05/03/94 Bill Graham Civic Auditorium,San Francisco,CA* (Part of Bay Area Music Awards)
AMC played Challenger,maybe others?,other artists playing included Neil Young,Chris Isaak & 4 Non Blondes.
27/04/94 Fillmore,San Francisco,CA* (supporting Smashing Pumpkins,Ry Cooder & David Lindley)
It was after this show that Bruce Kaphan quit the band.
03/06/94 Thirsty Swede,San Francisco,CA*
24/07/94 Bottom of the Hill,San Francisco,CA* (supported by The Softies & Yo La Tengo) (Secret show)
00/07/94 Bottom of the Hill,San Francisco,CA
30/07/9400Mark & Danny,Davies Symphony Hall,San Francisco,CA* (supporting Los Lobos)
27/08/94 Colchester Arts Centre,UK*
28/08/94 Reading Festival,UK*
  30/08/94 Acropolis,Edinburgh*
02/09/9400Tivoli Theatre,Dublin (supported by The Mary Janes)

23/09/9400Manhattan Centre Ballroom,NYC* (CMJ Event)
(Also on the bill were St Etienne,Grant Lee Buffalo,Soul Coughing and The Poster Children)
12/10/94 Ray Cokes Show,MTV Studios,London*
13/10/94 Newcastle Riverside* (supported by Strangelove)
14/10/94 Manchester University* (supported by Strangelove)
16/10/94 The Garage,Glasgow* (supported by Strangelove)
17/10/94 Irish,Centre,Birmingham (supported by Strangelove)
18/10/94 Irish Centre,Leeds (supported by Strangelove)
21/10/94 Bristol University (supported by Strangelove)
  22/10/94 The Forum,London* (supported by Strangelove)
24/10/94 Logo,Hamburg
25/10/94 The Loft,Berlin*
27/10/94 Luxor,Cologne*
29/10/94 Nightcafe,Munich
30/10/9400Frankfurt Nachtleben*
02/11/9400Arena Sleep-Inn,Amsterdam
04/11/9400La Laiterie,Strasbourg* (supported by The Catchers & Ben Harper)
05/11/9400La Cigale,Paris* (part of Les Inrockuptibles Festival with Luna,Ben Harper & The Apartements)  Flyer here
14/11/9400The Edge,Palo Alto,CA*
The only show where Dana Schechter was a member of AMC as bassist, Danny played guitar & Mark just sang..
15/11/9400Lava Lounge,Chico,CA
17/11/9400The Catalyst,Santa Cruz,CA*
18/11/9400Press Club,Sacramento,CA* (supported by Holiday Fever)
  19/11/9400Great American Music Hall,San Francisco,CA* (supported by Tarnation)
20/11/9400Great American Music Hall,San Francisco,CA* (supported by The Wandering Stars)
21/11/9400The Palace,Hollwood,CA* (part of Gimme Shelter Benefit with Maria McKee,Ted Hawkins,Michael Penn,Peter
Himmelman,Michelle Shocked,Sarah Hickman,The Williams Brothers & Matthew Sweet)
22/11/9400Morning Becomes Eclectic,KCRW,Los Angeles,CA*
22/11/9400101.9  Music Hall,KSCA,Los Angeles,CA*
22/11/9400The Roxy,Los Angeles,CA* (supported by Come)  Review of show here
23/11/9400Casbah,San Diego,CA
26/11/9400Moe’s,Seattle,WA* (supported by Come & Sage)  Poster of show here
29/11/9400Macky Auditorium,Boulder,CO (supporting They Might Be Giants)
01/12/9400REV 105,Minneapolis,MN*
01/12/9400Uptown Bar,Minneapolis,MN* (supported by The Ass Ponys)
02/12/9400Lounge Axe,Chicago,IL (supported by The Ass Ponys)
03/12/9400Alvin’s,Detroit,MI (supported by The Ass Ponys)
05/12/94 Lee’s Palace,Toronto,ON (supported by Adam West)   Review of show here
07/12/94 The Last Call,Providence,RI*
08/12/94 Middle East,Cambridge,MA* (supported by Denzil)
09/12/94 Trocadero,Philadelphia,PA* (supported by Helium)
10/12/94 Black Cat,Washington DC* (supported by Helium)  Review of show here
12/12/94 Mercury Lounge,NYC* (supported by Helium)
13/12/94 Knitting Factory,NYC* (supported by Helium)
14/12/94 Knitting Factory,NYC* (supported by Helium)
16/12/94 Cat’s Cradle,Carborro,NC* (supported by Helium)  Review of show here
  17/12/94 The Point,Atlanta,GA  Review of show here
19/12/94 Cicero’s,St Louis,MO (supported by Eric Voeks)  Review of show here
20/12/94 Bottleneck,Lawrence,KS (supported by Paw)
27/12/94 John Stewart Show,NBC*
28/12/94 Slims,San Francisco,CA* (supported by The Sweet And Low Orchestra) (Last AMC show)

And then the reunion!

21/08/0300Make Out Room,San Francisco,CA* (supported by David Starlight & Our Lady of the Highway)
24/10/03 Cafe Du Nord,San Francisco,CA* (‘Matt Gonzalez for Mayor’ fundraiser) (supported by The Court and Spark) Marc Capelle and Kristin Sobditch played as part of AMC.
30/11/03 Great American Music Hall,San Francisco,CA* (‘Matt Gonzalez for Mayor’ fundraiser)
Other artists on the bill were Jonathan Richman,Noe Venable,Chuck Prophet & Stephanie Finch
01/12/03 Spaceland,Los Angeles,CA* (supported by Moris Tepper,Michael Whitmore & The Dishes)
08/12/03 Spaceland,Los Angeles,CA* (supported by Marc Olsen & Distortion Felix)
15/12/03 Spaceland,Los Angeles,CA* (supported by Daniel Lanois & Bedroom Walls)
22/12/03 Spaceland,Los Angeles,CA* (supported by The Enablers,Brian Gregory & Danny Pearson)

29/02/04 Great American Music Hall,San Francisco,CA*
(NoisePop Festival with Preston School of Industry,Actionslacks & Dying Californian)
07/03/04 Fine Line Cafe,Minneapolis,MN* (supported by Halloween,Alaska & Bari Koral)
19/03/04 Bigsby’s,Austin,TX*
(SXSW event with Glossary,Brent Best,Anders Parker,South San Gabriel & Jesse Harris)
20/03/04 Red Eyed Fly,Austin,TX*
(SXSW event with Anders Parker,Centromatic,Mendoza Line,Dolly Varden,Chris Lee & Glossary)
26/03/04 Old Town School of Folk,Chicago,IL* (2 shows)
30/03/04 Bowery Ballroom,NYC* (supported by Anders Parker)
01/04/04 KEXP,Seattle,WA*
01/04/04 Crocodile Cafe,Seattle,WA* (supported by David Bazan)
05/04/04 Troubadour,Los Angeles,CA* (Sweet Relief Benefit with Concrete Blonde,Jesse Harris,Paula Cole & G. Philips)
21/05/04 Concorde 2,Brighton* (supported by Justin Rutledge)
23/05/04 Queen Elizabeth Hall,London* (supported by Richmond Fontaine)
02/09/04 Berbati’s Pan,Portland,OR (supported by Holy Sons)
04/09/0400Bumbershoot Festival,Seattle,WA* (with Drive By Truckers,Mindy Smith & Foghorn Stringband)
Last show with Marc Capelle.
03/10/0400The Village,Dublin* (supported by Jesse Harris)
For this show AMC played as a four piece,Jason Borger began playing with the band from Bedford onwards.
04/10/04 The Star Rowing Club,Bedford,UK* (supported by The Low Country)
06/10/04 Muffethalle,Munich (supported by Jesse Harris)
07/10/04 Gebaude 9,Cologne* (supported by Jesse Harris)
08/10/04 Westwerk,Hamburg* (supported by Jesse Harris)
09/10/04 Knaack,Berlin* (supported by Jesse Harris)
11/10/04 Upstairs At The Paradiso,Amsterdam* (supported by Tom Liwa & Jesse Harris)
12/10/04 La Maroqinerie,Paris* (supported by Jesse Harris & The Album Leaf)
15/10/04 Islington Academy,London* (supported by Philip Roebuck & Jesse Harris)
21/10/04 Cafe Du Nord,San Francisco,CA* (supported by The Court And Spark)
22/10/04 The Casbah,San Diego,CA* (supported by The Court And Spark)
23/10/04 Plush,Tucson,AZ* (supported by The Court And Spark)
25/10/04 KUT,Austin,TX* (Broadcast 23/04/05)
25/10/04 The Parish,Austin,TX (supported by The Court And Spark)
26/10/04 Gypsy Tea Room,Dallas,TX (supported by The Court And Spark)
27/10/04 Sticky Fingerz,Little Rock,AZ (supported by The Court And Spark)
29/10/04 Club Downunder,Tallahassee,FL (supported by The Court And Spark)
30/10/04 The Social,Orlando,FL (supported by The Court And Spark)
31/10/04 I/O,Miami,FL* (supported by The Court And Spark)
02/11/04 Echo Lounge,Atlanta,GA* (supported by The Court And Spark)
03/11/04 Cat’s Cradle,Carrboro,NC* (supported by Will Johnson of Centro-matic)
04/11/04 Iota Club,Arlington,VA* (supported by Will Johnson)
05/11/04 Maxwell’s,Hoboken,NJ (supported by Will Johnson)
06/11/04 Knitting Factory,NYC (supported by Will Johnson)
07/11/04 Middle East (Downstairs),Cambridge,MA* (supported by Will Johnson)
09/11/04 North Star Bar,Philadelphia,PA (supported by Will Johnson)
10/11/04 Rex Theatre,Pittsburgh,MI* (supported by Will Johnson)
11/11/04 Mark & Jason,WCBE,Columbus,OH*
11/11/04 Little Brothers,Columbus,OH (supported by Will Johnson)
12/11/04 Schuba’s,Chicago,IL (supported by Will Johnson)
13/11/04 Schuba’s,Chicago,IL (supported by Will Johnson)
14/11/04 Triple Rock Social Club,Minneapolis,MN* (supported by Will Johnson)
15/11/04 Sokol Underground,Omaha,NE (supported by Will Johnson)
17/11/04 Lions Lair,Denver,CO* (supported by Will Johnson)
22/11/04 Morning Becomes Eclectic,KCRW,Los Angeles,CA*
  22/11/04 Amoeba Records,Los Angeles,CA* (Vudi didn’t perform at this show)
05/12/04 Mark,Danny & Tim,Other Voices,RTE Television,Dingle* (with Lee Valley String Band & Fionn Reagan) 
16/12/04 Bottom Of The Hill,San Francisco,CA* (Benefit for Anthony Bonet with Laughing Stock & Etienne De Rocher)

11/01/0500World Cafe,WXPN,Philadelpia,PA (This is broadcast date of session recorded back in November)
17/01/05 Paradiso,Amsterdam* (supported by Emmett Tinley)
18/01/05 Kink FM,Hilversum*
19/01/05 Rowtown,Rotterdam (supported by Emmett Tinley)
20/01/05 Cafe De La Danse,Paris* (supported by Polar & Ignatus)
21/01/05 AB Club,Brussels* (supported by Emmett Tinley)
22/01/05 Handelsbeurs,Gent* (supported by Emmett Tinley)
23/01/05 Islington Academy,London* (supported by The Amazing Pilots & Fionn Regan)
24/01/05 Mark solo,Gideon Coe Show,BBC Radio 6,London*
24/01/05 Concorde 2,Brighton* (supported by Trash Can Sinatras)
25/01/04 Club Ifor Bach,Cardiff* (supported by Lone Pine)
26/01/05 The Fiddlers,Bristol* (supported by Ian Green
28/01/05 Roisin Dubh,Galway (supported by Emmett Tinley)
29/01/05 The Village,Dublin (supported by Emmett Tinley)
30/01/05 The Academy 3,Manchester* (supported by The Amazing Pilots)
31/01/05 Carling Academy,Liverpool* (supported by Lone Pine)
01/02/05 Newcastle University,Newcastle (supported by Ben Christophers)#
02/02/05 King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut,Glasgow* (supported by My Favorite Novel)
03/02/05 The Leadmill,Sheffield (supported by The Amazing Pilots)
04/02/05 Rescue Rooms,Nottingham* (supported by The Amazing Pilots)
05/02/05 The Academy,Birmingham (supported by The Amazing Pilots)
06/02/05 Phoenix Arts Centre,Exeter* (No support)
16/03/05 The Vibe,Austin,TX* (Uncut Magazine event at SXSW supported by South San Gabriel,Richmond Fontaine,
Willard Grant Conspiracy,The Amazing Pilots & Micha P. Hinson)
17/03/05 Momos,Austin,TX* (Daytime party with The Wrens & The Oranges Band)

19/04/05 Mark & Marc Capelle,San Francisco Film Centre,San Francisco,CA (Sound & Cinema Event)
This consisted of a talk about the composing of the “Street Angel” soundtrack.
23/04/0500Palace Of Fine Arts,San Francisco,CA* (Part of 48th San Francisco International Film Festival)
AMC performed a soundtrack to Frank Borzage’s 1928 silent film “Street Angel” which included two specially written
songs,one called “Take me home”, and a live debut for “Love is”.
21/05/05 FNAC Records instore,Porto*
22/05/05 Casa Da Musica,Porto* (No support)
23/05/05 Santiago Alquimista,Lisbon* (No support)
25/05/05 Loco Club,Valencia (supported by Orlando)
26/05/05 Primavera Festival,Barcelona*
28/05/05 Teatro Lloseta,Mallorca
29/05/05 Moby Dick,Madrid (supported by Orlando)

02/11/05 The Hideout Inn,Chicago,IL* (supported by Moviola & Danny Pearson)
For this AMC tour it was just a three piece of Mark,Danny & Tim though Vudi & Jason performed at the last three shows.
  03/11/05 Little Brothers,Columbus,OH (supported by Moviola)
04/11/05 Club Cafe,Pittsburgh,PA (Early show) (Adam Evil & The Outside Royaly played later set)
05/11/05 Nokia Live,NYC (supporting Spoon,Mary Timony also played)
06/11/05 Warsaw,Brooklyn,NYC* (supporting Spoon, Mary Timony also played)
08/11/05 40 Watt Club,Athens,GA (supporting Spoon)
09/11/05 Orange Peel,Ashville,NC (supporting Spoon)
10/11/05 Blue Note,Columbia,SC (Supporting Spoon)
12/11/05 Boulder Theatre,Boulder,CO (supporting Spoon) (Love Parade also played)
14/11/05 Velvet Room,Salt Lake City,UT (supporting Spoon)
16/11/05 Warfield Theatre,San Francisco,CA (supporting Spoon)
17/11/05 Wiltern Theatre,LA (supporting Spoon)
18/11/05 Cane ‘s,San Diego,CA* (supporting Spoon)
20/01/06 Annie’s Social Club,San Francisco,CA (with Enablers & Hank IV)
30/03/06 Mark,Tim & Danny,The Independent,San Francisco,CA (Noispop Festival 2006 show with The National,Talk
17/06/06 Hotel Congress,Tucson,AZ (Part of TapeOp 2006 with Cracker,Norfolk & Western,Stan Ridgeway)
27/07/06 The Gap,San Francisco,CA  (“Thursday Night Live” Series with Graham Colton)
The last show to feature Danny & Tim.
09/11/07 Rickshaw Stop,San Francisco,CA* (supported by Trainwreck Riders & Sonny Smith)  Photos of show here
13/11/07 The Echo,Los Angeles,CA (supported by Emma Pollock)
16/01/08 Taix Lounge,Los Angeles,CA
00/01/08 World Cafe,WXPN (broadcast on 27/02/08)
30/01/08 Mark solo,Today with Pat Kenny,RTE,Dublin*
30/01/08 Mark solo,Acess All Areas,Phantom FM,Dublin*
30/01/08 Cyprus Avenue,Cork (supported by Rory Faithfield)
31/01/08 Dolans,Limerick (supported by Rory Faithfield)
01/02/08 Roisin Dubh,Galway (supported by Rory Faithfield)
02/02/08 Whelans,Dublin (supported by Rory Faithfield)
Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy joined AMC for Johnny Mathis’ feet.
03/02/0800Thekla,Bristol* (supported by Bee And Flower)
04/02/08 Irish Centre,Leeds (supported by Bee And Flower)
06/02/08 Academy 3,Manchester* (supported by Bee And Flower)
07/02/08 The Cluny,Newcastle (supported by Bee And Flower & Richard Dawson)
08/02/08 Oran Mor,Glasgow* (supported by Bee And Flower)
  09/02/08 Rescue Rooms,Nottingham (supported by Bee And Flower)
  10/02/08 Glee Club,Birmingham (supported by Bee And Flower)
12/02/08 Mark & Vudi,Radio Reverb,Brighton
12/02/08 Concorde 2,Brighton* (supported by Bee And Flower & Butterfly Mcqueen)
13/02/08 Dingwalls,London* (supported by Bee And Flower)
14/02/08 Paradiso Upstairs,Amsterdam
15/02/08 AB Club,Brussels* (supported by Lisa Papineau)
16/02/08 W2,Den Bosch  (supported by Bee And Flower)
17/02/08 Vera,Groningen*  (supported by Bee And Flower)
18/02/08 Gebaude 9,Koln* (supported by Bee And Flower)
20/02/08 Acapulco,Gijon   (supported by The Marzipan Man)
21/02/08 Caracol,Madrid (supported by Delco & Bandini)
22/02/08 Kafe Antokia,Bilbao (supported by Audience)
23/02/08 Apolo,Barcelona  (supported by Gentle Music Men)
24/02/08 Forum,Bielefeld (supported by Mexican Elvis)
  26/02/08 Fabrik,Hamburg* (supported by Mexican Elvis)
27/02/08 Vega,Cophenhagen*
28/02/08 KB,Malmo (supported by Trumans Water)
29/02/08 John Dee,Oslo (supported by Dacianos)
01/03/08 Sticky Fingers,Gothenburg
02/03/08 Voxhall,Aarhus* (supported by The Singles)
04/03/08 Columbia Club,Berlin* (supported by Mexican Elvis)
05/03/08 Nato,Leipzig (supported by Mexican Elvis)
06/03/08 Brotfabrik,Frankfurt* (supported by Mexican Elvis)
07/03/08 Cafe Zentral,Weinheim* (supported by Mexican Elvis)
  08/03/08 Palace,St Gallen (supported by Lisa Papineau)
09/03/08 El Lokal,Zurich (supported by Lisa Paineau)
11/03/08 Spazio 11,Turin (supported by Lisa Papineau)
12/03/08 Registratur,Munich* (supported by Lisa Papineau)
13/03/08 WUK,Wien* (supported by Lisa Papineau)
14/03/08 Kino,Ebensee (supported by Lisa Papineau)
15/03/08 Rätschenmühle,Geislingen (supported by Lisa Papineau)
16/03/08 4AD,Diksmuide (supported by Lisa Papineau)
18/03/08 Divan Du Monde,Paris* (supported by Lisa Papineau)
20/03/08ooArts Centre,Norwich (supported by Master Solo)
  02/04/08 Independent,San Francisco,CA (supported by Rykarda Parasol & the Tower Ravens)
03/04/08 Harlows,Sacremento,CA* (supported by Sherman Baker)
04/04/08 Doug Fir,Portland,OR* (supported by Carla Bozulich & Ghost To Falco)
05/04/08 KEXP,Seattle,WA*
05/04/08 Triple Door,Seattle,WA* (supported by Tom Brosseau)
06/04/08 Richards On Richards,Vancouver,BC (supported by Immaculate Machine)
  09/04/08 The Aquarium,Fargo,ND (supported by Chris Koza Band and Riesage)
10/04/08 Turf Club,St Paul,MN (supported by Western Fifth)
11/04/08 The Current,MPR,Minneapolis,MN*
11/04/08 High Noon Saloon,Madison,WI (with Cloud Cult and The Forms)
12/04/08 Schubas,Chicago,IL (supported by Canasta)
13/04/08 Pike Room,Pontiac,MI#
14/04/08 Cafe Bourbon Street,Columbus,OH (supported by Black Sawns & Moviola)
15/04/08 The Andy Warhol Museum,Pittsburgh,PA (supported by Lohio)
16/04/08 Mowhawk Place,Buffalo,NY (supported by Tracy Morrow and The Magi Chippie)
18/04/08 Divan Orange,Quebec,QC (supported by Le Soleil Sortant de sa Bouche & Elephant Stone)
21/04/08 Space Gallery,Portland,ME (supported by Darien Brahms)
22/04/08 Harper’s Ferry,Allston,MA (supported by Barn Burning & Ad Frank and The Fast Easy Women)
23/04/08 Iron Horse Music Hall,Northampton,MA (supported by The Figments)
25/04/08 Johnny Brenda’s,Philadelphia,PA (supported by Buried Beds & Drink Up Buttercup)
26/04/08 Williamsburg Music Hall,Brooklyn,NY (supported by Murder Mystery and Franz Nicolay)
27/04/08 Mercury Lounge,New York City,NY (supported by Frances & Charles Atlas)
29/04/08 Iota,Arlington,VA (supported by Seth Rothschild)
30/04/08 Arts Centre,Carrboro,NC (supported by Lost In The Trees)
01/05/08 The Earl,Atlanta,GA (supported by Warm In The Wake & No River City)
02/05/08 The End,Nashville,TN
03/05/08 Hi Tone,Memphis,TN (supported by Harlan T. Bobo)
04/05/08 Randy Bacon’s Gallery Sounds,Springfield,MO (supported by Sweetwater Abilene & J.W.Grisbee)
05/05/08 Record Bar,Kansas City,MO (supported by Olympic Size & Expassionates)
06/05/0800Vaudeville Mews,Des Moines,IA (supported by Why Make Clocks)
07/05/08 The Waiting Room,Omaha,NE (supported by Brad Hoshaw)
09/05/08 Larimer Lounge,Denver,CO (supported by Bella Karoli & Hello Kavita)
10/05/08 Urban Lounge,Salt Lake City,UT
12/05/08 Rhythm Room,Phoenix,AZ (supported by The Power Of Positive Thinking)
13/05/08 Plush,Tucson,AZ (supported by Jose Saavedra)
15/05/08 Belly Up Tavern,Solano Beach,CA* (supported by Blackout Party)
16/05/08 Echo Lounge,Los Angeles,CA* (supported by Gordon Gano & The Ryan Brothers)
28/06/08 Sled Island Festival,Calgary,AB#
29/06/08 Belmont Arts & Music Festival,Chicago,IL (with Smoking Popes,Maritime & Waco Brothers)
18/07/08 Benicassim Festival,Valencia*  (Last show with Steve Hoffman)
The band from Belfast onwards is Mark,Vudi,Steve,Dana Schechter (bass) & Jonathan Heine (guitar)
03/09/08 Whelan’s,Dublin
04/09/08 Academy 3,Manchester (supported by Peter Bruntnell)
05/09/08 Stereo,Glasgow (supported by Peter Bruntnell)
06/09/08 The Cluny,Newcastle (supported by Peter Bruntnell)
07/09/08 The Duchess,York (supported by Peter Bruntnell & The Andy Curry Band)
09/09/08 Thekla,Bristol* (suppotrted by Peter Bruntnell)
10/09/08 The Musician,Leicester (supported by Peter Bruntnell)
11/09/08 Bush Hall,London* (supported by Peter Bruntnell)
12/09/08 End Of The Road Festival,Salisbury (with Calexico,Sun Kil Moon,Jason Molina,Dirty Three)
13/09/08 Phoenix,Exeter (supported by Peter Bruntnell)
15/09/08 Junction 2,Cambridge* (supported by Peter Bruntnell)
16/09/08 The Railway,Winchester* (supported by Peter Bruntnell)
19/09/08 Auditório Augusto Cabrita,Barreiro (part of Barreiro Festival)
20/09/08 South Pop Festival,Huelva
23/09/08 BAM Festival,Barcelona
24/09/08 Boa/Bar 59,Luzern
25/09/08 Lubez,Karlshruhe (supported by Steve Didelot)
26/09/08 Beatpol,Dresden (supported by Garda)
27/09/08 Jegelscheune,Wendelstein*
29/09/08 Tavastia,Helsinki (supported by Samae Koskinen ja hänen taikabändinsä)
30/09/08 CC Opderschmelz,Dudelange (supported by Blaudzun)
01/10/08 Handelsbeuers,Gent* (supported by Blaudzun)
02/10/08 Patronaat,Haarlem* (supported by Ben Weaver & Elliot Brood)
03/10/08 Paard van Troje,Den Haag (supported by Ben Weaver)
04/10/08 De Oosterport,Groningen* (Part of Take Root Festival with Bon Iver,Built To Spill,Steve Wynn & John Hiatt)
07/10/08 Dom Omladine,Belgrade
08/10/08 Teater & TD,Zagreb
09/10/08 La Casa 139,Milan (supported by Steve Didelot)
10/10/09 Viper Club,Florence  (supported by Steve Didelot)
11/10/08 Init,Rome (supported by Steve Didelot)